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A reminder of the available scholarships...

The Building Bridges Scholarship  

This scholarship is awarded to multilingual individual(s) who have proven themselves to be global communicators. For students who have striven to understand and bridge multiple cultures through the use of language.

Global Scholar   

AUR’s Global Scholar scholarship has been designed to reward the best of the best. If you’re an applicant with a GPA of over 3.5, you are encouraged to apply for this award.   

H. Jackson Brown Dreamers’ Scholarship   

“Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  

So wrote H. Jackson Brown in 1990 – and he could have been describing any one of our students.  The Dreamer’s Scholarship is open to any student who aspires to leave their comfort zone and  break the mold.   

The Italian Pioneer Scholarship  

This scholarship is awarded to Italian citizens and/or individuals of direct Italian heritage and is one of the small ways that AUR contributes towards the support and development of Italian communities worldwide as a thank you to our amazing host nation.  

World Citizen Scholarship  

Welcome home, traveler! The AUR World Citizen Scholarship is awarded to individuals who have previously studied with AUR as Visiting Students and/or have studied with an institutional partner of American Universities Abroad.   

Ambassador Scholarship (Undergraduate Only)  

This scholarship is dedicated to students coming from International and/or IB schools who  are in the process or who have completed the full IB diploma. Students must demonstrate their record  for, and future potential in, fostering & promoting intercultural understanding in a global context.  

International Exchange Scholarship (Undergraduate Only)  

Did you have a life-changing opportunity studying abroad in high school? Calling all returned HS Exchange Students (Rotary, AFS, YFU, Verto etc.) and Italian students who have been to the US for a year—come and continue the journey at AUR!  

MUN Scholarship (Undergraduate Only)   

This scholarship is designed for all global citizens with a deep interest in cultures, diversity and international perspectives. Applicants must have completed a minimum of one year of Model United Nations and participated in one MUN conference.  

Transfer Trailblazer Scholarship (Undergraduate Only) 

The AUR Transfer Trailblazer Scholarship is a selective scholarship awarded on the basis of academic achievement for transfer students with a minimum of 30 credits at the time of entry to AUR.   

The Fitzsimmons Scholarship for Women in Leadership (Undergraduate Only)   

This donor-funded scholarship is directed to a new female student of any nationality who demonstrates a minimum GPA of 3.5 and has proven outstanding leadership skills. Leadership skills will be identified during the application process through interviews, essays and accompanying documentation, and could encompass any previous voluntary, service, scholarly, or other initiatives the individual may have undertaken. The scholarship committee may request additional information during the evaluation process. Priority will be given to those who have also demonstrated financial need. 

Caput Mundi Scholarship (Undergraduate Only) 

Two scholarships to cover university fees in full for Italian students attending a high school and taking the maturità in the municipality of Rome. Applicants must demonstrate solid scholastic preparation with average grades of 8 on their year four report card.   

AmeriCorps Scholarship 

The American University of Rome offers up to 3 undergraduate scholarships of €1,500/$2,000 per academic year and up to 5 graduate scholarships of €1,500/$2,000 off the overall Master's program tuition to students who have volunteered with AmeriCorps.

PeaceCorps Coverdell Matching Scholarship 

All Returned Peace Corps Volunteers admitted to AUR's master's degree programs receive a guaranteed partial scholarship. As a U.S. accredited institution based in Italy, AUR is not eligible to participate in the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program. However, recognizing the depth of experience RPCVs bring to our programs, we acknowledge their contribution and service through our own Coverdell Matching Scholarship. 

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